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In Utah now a flu update another six people died from the flu last week in Oklahoma according to the latest information from the state health department which was released yesterday that brings to sixty one the total number of flu to S. in the states is flu season started September first another two hundred ninety five people were hospitalized with the flu last week that makes more than twenty seven hundred flu hospitalizations since September first authorities are looking for the husband of a woman killed Tuesday at her northwest Oklahoma City apartment near northwest expressway and meridian Geneva Jordan had six children three of them were in side the apartment when their mother was killed the suspect is her husband forty six year old can dream Jordan here's a reminder to start your day it is Friday the thirteenth how bout that here's Tonya J. powers it's been considered a day of bad luck for a long time but it's not clear exactly where that came from well twelve was the number associated with completeness thirteen has negative associations we see it played out in pop culture with the string of Friday the thirteenth movies and even dates in history like the German bombing of Buckingham Palace on September thirteenth nineteen forty and the death of rapper Tupac Shakur who was killed on Friday the thirteenth in September nineteen ninety six there is one Friday that seems to Buck the trend Good Friday it's it's name.

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