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To me it hasn't it hasn't hit me like the cartoon character walking along the sidewalk who gets the envel dropped on his head from the seventh floor i haven't had that bone moment with with an analytical stat to make me say wow this is so valuable that i should take time out of every game day to analyze these stats and include them the reason i find it so interesting too is calling boston bruins games from an a hate using elliott a heat the terminal at us because polarize people chief camps right away i can't stand it for that but i mean there are two possession monsters on this team is down char patrice berge and during that two thousand eleven run when those who were on the ice together nobody else touched the puck pick your metric to pick on how you judge the game or break it down or slice nobody else was touching the puck when these two guys were on the ice it was one of the most dominating possession events in season they had together when they're on the ice was remarkable and i always thought man if i'm someone calling all i'm doing san look at bergereon and look at shara and these are the numbers that back at all up yeah those two guys have been just remarkable to be able to watch them play in day in and day out and i think we're only going to understand char's value when you look at one of those heat maps of where opposition shots come from and how the left side is the goalie is looking out of his defensive zone the left side is always so cool in relation to the other side of the ice after chara retires couple years later those heat maps are probably gonna balance out for boston but now there are a lot fewer chances come in from the left side of the defensive zone than the right it's astonishing how chara has adapted to a game in which the prototypical forward has gone.

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