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It was a rainy outdoor game as the fliers played their stadium series against Pittsburgh last night at Lincoln financial field. He will use Ed Bankin was there. Three one of the third period. The flyers pulled out of dramatic four three win over Pittsburgh in the stadium series. Jake Ford check tied the game with nineteen point seven seconds left before Clark jerus- scored the game winner in overtime about altogether. But sometimes those games are the hardest to win the nicest one, Sean couturier Jane's in Reims dyke. Also scored in the win in a game. Played in front of nearly seventy thousand fans in south Philadelphia. Reporting for the link, I'm Ed Benkin, KYW NewsRadio. The flyers have a couple of days off before returning to the ice Tuesday night when they host of buffalo. The Sixers will play again tomorrow night at the pelicans. The Sixers coming off a loss yesterday afternoon at home to Portland grapefruit league play continues for the Phillies this afternoon with he take on the Tigers in lakeland, Florida one o'clock right at one o'clock on ninety four WIP KYW's Ricky Ricardo has more from Phillies spring training. It was a strong first outing of the spring for Phillies fire balling reliever. Sarangani Dominguez who invoked the name of a superhero when asked about how will you feel throwing his hundred mile an hour fastball. I feel like. I don't know. Superman, you feel good. About your work. No guarantee for me. I can think about it. I can't think like a guarantee I believe, but I I just wanna work hard to get a Dominguez will be a key part of affiliate bullpen in two thousand nineteen in Florida, Ricky, Ricardo KYW NewsRadio. College basketball seventeenth ranked Villanova with a big east matchup later today at Xavier and that'll tip off at one thirty from sports radio ninety four WIP. I'm su- schilling on KYW NewsRadio. It's eleven oh nine.

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