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Nine hundred ninety five years young Adam Hogue and Adam John's talk about the bears playing in the Pro Bowl at wgnradiOcom. The Steve Cochran show celebrates the most valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty on seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker years is just say play WGN radio on tunein. News time is two o'clock. Let's get to the newsroom in Vic Vaughn. Thank you. Good morning. Fair. Skies zero degrees at O'Hare railway commuters may notice some changes at Union Station as where they board trains tracks three and five remained closed for repairs. They're not expected to reopen until Sunday night is to allow for repairs after chunks of concrete fell onto the tracks during Tuesday's rush-hour no one was injured it fell from two buildings that have air rights above Union Station at ten and one twenty south riverside plaza. Two bills aimed at ending the government shutdown failed to pass yesterday through the Senate ABC's Chris Turner was at the capitol as they voted. I was actually surprised six Republicans supported the Democrats proposal and they've come from all different walks of life. Republicans. So our newest member from Utah Mitt Romney all the way to a more conservative Republican from Georgia Johnny is exempt. So it's an interesting mix of Republicans who voted for this. But six Republicans are voting with the Democrats to open up the government without any wall funding. So that's surely is a warning signal to the White House. Also says lawmakers on Capitol Hill are talking about a bipartisan solution to the stalemate caught Lindsey Graham coming off the floor and told me that McConnell and Schumer need to meet. So the the majority leader summons, the minority leader so Chuck Schumer over to McConnell's office, and they proceed to talk, and you know, they're in there for a while and shimmer comes out and goes back to his office. And he just as we're talking, which of course, that's really big progress around. Here a gofundme page has been started to help the family of a father son trucker team from displayed forty-five-year-old Murray Smajic and his twenty one year old son, but crossing through Hickman county, Tennessee, they were volved in a head on collision with a second semi the father was killed. The sun remains hospitalized. And the attorney general's office is reviewing the sentence of former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke dyke was sentenced to less than seven years in prison for the on-duty shooting death. Lequan McDonald attorney general Kwami Raoul isn't saying exactly what he might be looking at and taking the highly unusual move. And experts say his options seem limited the Tribune sites. Experts is saying the AG might want lawmakers to clarify sentencing laws..

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