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And speakers, I we're going to have a court case here settled by ally Quinta als a reasonable guy, but he's from the streets. So he knows how things work. All right. I wanna get your thought that Trump that just left, you know, the, I'm just kidding. Nice guides the squid squid. Yeah. He's a big Cowboy's fan from New York. You've heard these pain in the ass. Cowboys fans all your life. Right. He's one of them. The squid and another buddy I have. I mean have just been. It's been an onslaught just can't. Cowboys that we're in the playoffs. We're going all the way last week though. They said, you know, if the Cowboys win and the eagles win the Cowboys go to the Rams, which is L A three hours away. We're going turns out they're not going. So I was like, man. Yes, we're talking all that shit. You guys are big fans. And now you're pushing out, you know, they have the money to do it that money situation. Yeah. And they just they wanna watch it at home when they're comfy TV's. Who's right? I'm right, right. I think they're being little if you're gonna talk we're gonna talk all that game. And you're such big fan. The trip. I mean, they haven't they haven't there's a playoff game in twenty some years. And now, they're one two games away from the Super Bowl, and they're right there in their Beck. The other guy lose one hour. If I were them. I if I was a big fan. I'd be there. That's what I'm saying. I was trying to convince right now, you're gonna regret it. Meanwhile, he's sling and five hundred a game on these college basketball games. He's pretty good at it too. And so I'm like just pretend you. Better game and lost. You know? But you can't take that memory back. Do you have any good memories of games? You went to. I went to the kid. Yeah. There you go. I just happened to be in. I I just happen to know how much you paid for your ticket to too much my mouth say. Really? If I'm not mistaken ally. Quinta paid three jeez. Right for the Pac. Yo may whether ticket that Dan, Tom. That's yeah. Remember hearing that. Yeah. Yeah. But he was there. And you've made the money back. The money comes and goes. So you had a good experience. It wasn't it. Didn't fight was way better in person. Okay. Really didn't have the same reaction as everyone else. Did you know you really lose? It was maybe it was the energy just energy in the arena the tension. But it was it was it was good. These guys have bringing us to Keeler he fights next weekend. Is there any chance you would go to that? Really? I'm I'm gonna be in Brooklyn. Oh, okay. Yes. Yes. All right. I'm not sure if this is this got to do with monitor and Bosco or. Okay. Okay. Okay. Mistrial Quinto his great. Okay. He's a high school Janis high school football coach. And he he knows. So Saint John Bosco you've heard of them, right? No, Saint John Bosco in California. They're monitored as biggest rival. Yeah. He's a Bosco supporter over there. So we've been. Got that from the last game. I won't mention the fact that they kicked our ask the first time what I didn't know him then so so you highschools big out here. It's a big thing. How long have you been a coaching high school?.

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