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Gerry Connolly of Virginia said the firing was meant to intimidate and silence those who wish to hold corruption accountable it's going to be a wet weather day in Texas says CBS news meteorologist Jeff there are daily during the day today along the Texas Gulf coast humidity pours its way north that means two to four in some places seeing as much as five inches of rain it's an active weather pattern a sub tropical storm heading toward Florida could be the year's first named storm of the hurricane season there is severe weather in many parts of the nation this CBS news you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com app download it today from the downtown Minneapolis studios of news talk eight three WCCO this is Minnesota's most trusted station for news overcast skies fifty seven degrees at eleven oh three I'm mark fry WCCO news the Minnesota department of health today reports seven hundred forty new confirmed covet nineteen cases and seventeen more cover nineteen related deaths since yesterday and total there are fourteen thousand nine hundred sixty nine confirmed cases and it's seven hundred a total death testing rates for the state of Minnesota one hundred forty three thousand two hundred eighty one that tests have been completed seventeen thousand five hundred and seven of those completed by the Minnesota department of public health labs the Minnesota house is set to vote today on a two and a half a billion dollar bonding bill Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said yesterday that he and house speaker Melissa horsemen were inching closer to an agreed upon a bill amount as long as it's focused on.

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