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He of a of a 640 more stimulating talk hey it's jennifer jones leave from wakeup call season's greetings from the kfi family cheesy tradition that we always have is we get each of the dogs their own bag of food and then i wrap it and put it under the tree and yearly a mystified as how none of the bags ever make it to christmas morning their outlook is gone by vichai we actually go to open a k path kost hd 2 los angeles orange county 24hour news more stimulating tom lower than low i'm bill seward live from the 24hour kfi news room five people have been arrested for the theft of a family stuff during the wildfire in ventura county the thieves smashed out the windows of the families vehicles and stole the expensive stuff inside them oxnard police detective chip tell says the group took about seventy five thousand dollars worth of stuff there uh american express card will use on wine and there were ten thousand dollars in charges were made on that particular cart he says the family had gone to a friend's house with packed vehicles december fifth he says investigators later found the alleged thieves because of a noisy fight in a motel room the stolen items were in the room answerable them back kfi news australian police say a white suv deliberately plowed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in central melbourne cops say up to fourteen people have been injured police have arrested two men the driver and a passenger after the suv crashed into a cable car stop sky news said the driver was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed la county sheriff's deputies have helped save the lives of several inmates who collapsed from an opioid overdose nurse jose lopez says the deputies do cpr on four inmates until paramedics arrived given this day that they were in theory to praise at all of the need not be the investigators say an inmate smuggled the fenton all too into the inmate reception centre last week thinking it was meth gun owners or stocking up on ammo ahead of a new state law that takes effect in january in.

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