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Okay. And did you ever think about how you want to be remembered Tom? what you want people to think of you and. I just legacy what you want your legacy to be. Just like you said earlier, it'd be nice if people said that he was a funny guy. I'd like that. Yeah Yeah so you never had? It so your ambitions have changed I. Mean is that safe to say you? I was always power and driven by fear. In in my life I was always fear feared the idea of having to get a real job. Okay, so it was always this scary idea that like Oh. Gosh, if this comedy thing doesn't work out of these videos, don't hatch on I'm GONNA have to go to school and like sit at a desk. And probably what would you do you think? I probably would have been like a telemarketer or something you know or Dairy making peanut Buster Parfait which I've done and I'm very good at by the way I used to work Carville I was. Myself. I made the best poster phase at the Beacon Hill Mall because I put like extra fudge the bottom I put like outside of the standard amount of fudge. Put in especially when my friends came. That's just a dairy Queen Yup Yup, did you guys have? Is that when they had the helmets baseball helmets? Maybe there was only in the US now. They had that Canada. They did yeah, they did actually yeah. I loved. was. A Big Blue Jays fan for some reason I. It was around the time they were doing well yeah. I Love Lake John Yeah. Roberto Alamar was on that team Roberto Almar, right and John. And Yeah they really. Well I Shit Tom I. This has been so fun. I love talking to you. Absolutely. Thanks, man Okay and say hi. Thanks so.

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