Cuba, Spain, Doges Palace discussed on BBC World Service


To show that we are closer to cuban ever the cuba and the cuban people have not been left alone nor are they alone to those who raise walls and closed doors we europeans what build bridges and open doors with cooperation and dialogue a court in spain is due to hear an appeal from the former deputy leader of catalonia julio trumpcare us he's been in jail for two months on charges related to the unilateral declaration of independence decision us wants to be released on bail so he can take up his seat in the catalan parliament of being reelected in last month's regional elections most of his coaccused have already been granted bail while news from the bbc thieves have outwitted sophisticated security at the doges palace in venice to steal jewelry from an exhibition highlighting five centuries of indian craftsmanship police say they managed to delay the alarm system before breaking into a display cabinet they took a broach and airings valued at least a million dollars and then disappeared into the crowd where the full cost as have issued warnings about the huge winter storm that's encroaching on much of the eastern united states where many regions are already experiencing record low temperatures they say the hazardous conditions under a frigid arctic air mass will persist throughout the week emergencies have been declared in several states including florida which has seen its first snowfall for almost thirty years you research across twenty five african countries has pinpointed the heightened risk patients on the continent face from undergoing surgery in less than ideal conditions the death rate was found to be more than twice the global figure but researchers said the most worrying revelation which is how few africans onto elective surgery bruce professor bruce because from the fruit of a hospital and university of cape town in south africa is one of the scientists behind the research what is her as impatience through their congregations russell nerd but these marvin our firm human resources to cable as though there must and then as monarch complications bronze to become law through nine those really ear it's a crash on our honda who resources they are all surgical care in africa australia has announced plans to allow the export of medicinal cannabis to cash in on the fast growing international market the health minister greg hunt said he wanted to give australian produces.

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