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Eight enjoy one thousand dollars in savings from your shower and bath expert long baths dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks lays in Maryland in the Brandywine area the crashes northbound three oh one after climber drive a single left lane getting you buy but now seeing a south bound rubbernecking delay approaching this scene so watch for delays in both directions again it is just the northbound side with a left lane getting you buy on the on the Baltimore Washington parkway the earlier volumes laci's northbound headed past powder mill road but we are seeing some delays on northbound twenty nine trying to head toward Lockwood drive we may have some work they are taking the lane two seventy in the southbound direction looking good from one oh nine all the way to the lane divider no problems in the northbound direction all the way to Frederick southbound three fifty five years southwest Lynne Dr that was a report of a crash is still seeing those delays approaching three seventy watch for any work that may also be causing the back up we did have the work on the hearing nice mezquital to bridge traffic alternating across the bridge with the work delays in both directions westbound fifty after two oh one kind of worth Avenue before South Dakota Avenue the left lane is blocked with the work of the earlier delays however starting the ease of they may have actually picked that up in the district on DEC two ninety five south bound delays actually aired our have cleared from betting read past these capital street it is northbound that still flows from the eleven street bridge passing Pennsylvania Avenue and the north on third street tunnel is seeing a delay trying to get on the outbound at New York Avenue on the beltway in Virginia the outer loop of the beltway delays approaching impressing van Dorn St there may be a mobile work crew outer loop in Maryland delays from river road around to the American Legion bridge with the work in the right lane and sixty six westbound starting this year delay approaching in passing Nutley street watch for any lanes blocked there you're in charge of hiring letting deeds customized screening tools up fine tune your short list so you can get moving to your other to do list plus your next job indeed dot com slash higher I read a Kessler WTOP traffic how to be a nice afternoon we'll see a mixture cloud cover and sunshine a bit of a breeze with temperatures mile for late January our highs upper forties to mid fifties sci product that is guys lows in the low to mid thirties partly cloudy skies and a bit breezy.

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