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Top ten ruining goals points and playoff performance. Meanwhile at the pocket inside the Bruins zone. Again. Mckinnon is shut down to the ice. Calvert gets me out in front. He shot blocked rebounded the point entering down. His hair Johnson keeps it alive. Over to get. It is Laura Hawkins loose nearside corner. Astronaut has it in escaped under backhand now. Now, the Tory through right beside the bench takes a hit from Calverton over matinee the blue line. Dumps it to the far corner waiting to the point where Eric Johnson power gets it back and get a shot off. He's pushed aside by David Krejci. Reggie picks it up backhands it or not. I couldn't complete the past now Soderbergh. Former Bruin trying to work his magic in the corner Soderbergh hopes and free, but it's taken away by posture. Knock and Tori Krugel skated on towards center ice. It's the red line dumps into the bar corner and the ad exchange for fourteen forty eight to go into perch, period. No score here in Boston. Colin Wilson across a red line hits deep Carlo sail over his head and Alexander purple goes into trying get the puck in the corner air trying to pick it free comparable waiting the loose puck. Copper type things apps yesterday on the island watching the buck. Bruins lava down ice this should be icing. Its way dot Brian graves. The first on scene for the earns it over though, waiting joking Nordstrom. Turn it over Nikita Zadora. Now has it the neutral zone JT convert kicks into and sell copper shot. Rebound picked up by Nordstrom. Bruins again, sailed out to center by back down deep comfort button hooks it down to the corner. And now the Bruins. Make some small changes. Now a wholesale change as the apple takeover in their own zone. Drives crossed the blue line the corner. AJ rare chases centering pass into a wide open. And nobody was home taken away by. Charring is still in the zone and four check from a Jake rare opening was making their way towards the front of the net. Didn't expect that puck come free. While here from Sean corral Kaeling into the fan. Have taken away though span. Forget lost the handle on it joining firing as a Chari a high net Tyson Barrie picks it up and turn the right over or is it ain't on Charles shot quirks and that same may Bob our law. Macharia picks rebound up behind the net. Chris Wagner, Dixit out wichner looking at the point Charl wines. Fires took over the net. Missed Andretto has it. He takes a hit once again Jari puck comes loose now. Miller over for.

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