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The home of the former vice chancellor of Austria has been rated in a corruption probe Hines Cristian Straka's house was searched as possible bribery investigation into the appointment of a party official two high ranking position at casinos Austria the rate was not related to the so called deflategate scandal in which Straka was secretly filmed on the Spanish island offering government contracts with fake Russian investor in return he supposedly wanted the investor to buy an Austrian newspaper and use it to promote his policy in the twenty seventeen elections the incident led to Straka stepping down as vice chancellor and leader of the far right Freedom Party a Swedish court has convicted American rap a sap rookie of the souls for a street fight install chrome the court issued a suspended sentence to the musician whose real name is rocky may as two members of his entourage were handed a similar verdict the thirty year old artist had pleaded not guilty and claimed he acted in self defense during the altercation with two men in June prosecutors asked for up to six months in prison for a several key the case gained notoriety after US president Donald Trump publicly lobbied stop home to release the rapper the Swedish authorities rebuke trump saying they could not interfere with the country's justice system and finally one of Europe's smallest countries celebrated its three hundredth birthday this week Lichtenstein lines between Austria and Switzerland and is just a hundred and sixty square kilometers.

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