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We went in ever beat the cardinals with Ray oiler in that lineup and north of got some big hits. I don't know you could say that. I don't know if you could rate is a steady shortstop never saw Ray or make a mistake. It would never got any hits. So what there's a lotta shorts of covers guys. I never hit and they had world titles. Go gore. The, but we were able to put alkaline in the line dance who did it. Yes. So I mean and look at the house close at seven game L and got some big hits. Northrop got a hit and the one word for Kirkwood came in and went over his head was Northrop's Trudeau. Hemas you played it. But north of hit the heck out of that. He did. So I mean, I think it was a great book. Maybe it took some career office Mickey Stanley, but who cares about Mickey Stanley the Tigers need a World Series realm. Here's Mickey Stanley cares about Mickey Stanley. I don't care about Mickey staling. Okay. Like play years and years for this organization, and we never got him into the playoffs because there was only one way to get into the playoffs. World Series are bust. We finally made it, and you gotta give milk Smith all the credit. Absolutely. Mickey Stanley would've been playing center field hitting two fifty it causes a arm went out because he made a great move to play shortstop for the team. So I mean, it might have been a sacrifice for him. But he never would have been a hall of Famer like L Kane line. Famer now. Okay line is and we got him a World Series. And it was the move by putting Stanley at shortstop out of that lineup. And letting Northrup Horton k-line Stanley all hit you know, that was the offense. We needed a beat Saint Louis, and it's really not great Washburn out of that one game. Ten runs. I think we've scored on Washburn and Gibson. We couldn't hit, but we tired him out. Game. Bob Gibson was not the same. They said in the book as he wasn't game one in four game seven. Yeah. That you shut restaurant lowest pitch on two days rest when you think about that today that will never happen. The pitch a whole game on two days rest. The three day breast and Gibson added three day arrests. Right. And he, but he said even he said, I'm tired up by the end of that game. Listen, I'm telling you Kurt. You can't get a guy go to trade complete games on three games rest three days rest, much less. But even board as ranch, you can't get it. That's why we can't sign enough of these relief. How bad a different game today. A lot of pictures in Toledo be shuttled between the Tigers until Lido. We will have three of them this mix. I'm thinking this is a good move. Who see we're going to see these guys? Thank you. All right. Have a good day. A good day to thanks cowboy in Windsor cowboy Iran Hari row. Are you was last hour? Happy birthday coach Harrington. But speaking of birthday, you don't let the man of steel will be sixty on Christmas day. Rocky Colorado now. S T A L S T E L. I mean, the man who was named after Ricky Henderson Ricky Ricky Nelson, Ricky Ricardo Ricky, Ricky Henderson. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The greatest leadoff hitter. Never play. Yeah. That's for sure. I mean. However. I said no Oregon's for me. What he did in power, walks stolen bases. Batting average and working that pitcher the greatest leader leadoff hitter than ever played this game distress. When he joined the Red Sox in twenty go to he played twenty two and a half years, and when he joined the Red Sox here thirteen more steals. Buying soft on everybody would play for the Red Sox for twenty two years that he had played. Yes. And oh, by the way. In case Jimmy Buffett might wanna come here for Christmas. Which is the seventy second birthday. He should know that marijuana's totally legal and his parrot heads can come here. Maybe bring with them. I don't care a su-. I I'm a big fan. I am. Oh, good. God. Yeah. He's just like me. Shape now well about a shape, but just like you just like me I killed about one sixty black outspoken and has quoted by you know, what you attitude towards people sometimes. And also, also he's like you. He's never won a playoff game. He will this year. I should this year. He's on a great team with them without a efforts number one one either. But again. Well. A player. Why didn't you want? First of all, I know you're to have Lou Whitaker on I'm gonna call. But. Rulings? Lost two to one. Listen, I came to. Good for you. Yeah. In golden day Howard or burger Howard. Seems like he had a good game started slow but be bounced back after that. Yes. I was gonna ask you something you think that they should expand. The college playoff to eight games are keeping it for. What the college football playoff? Or expanding eight. Would you expand the current platform at eight teams it's currently four. You talk about. Seeping dogs lie leave it alone. It'll be too many. We we played you'll be playing three months longer. I wish we could get rid of some of these superfluous Bodo the toilet bowl. Bring back the toilet. Bring a toilet bowl. And. Well, they pretty by tablet toilets. Wiz. I mean, some of these I get I get five of my buddies. I guess that they would ten of our however, many a token, we could get it. They would probably put us in a bowl game. Either bowl. I guess but. By the way, by the way. You mentioned marvelous Marvin Hagler he's he's he'll he'll he'll be sixty five may twenty third. He wants to come back and fight Hearns. Yeah. He wants to come back and fight her as well. I can just imagine those this I told you last month a couple of months, and I can just imagine that press conference to at one of them can talk I can back to that press conference with sound like God you need. Hagler is an actor. He's he's he's got a boys. Can't even speak English. I don't have to speak English. I mean, he's doesn't speak English. He kept speaking talian. He used to call Vida winter firm me on. I love Tommy the pieces, but he's the most articulate. You've had him on your show and seventy nine. Yeah. Him on with Mickey Goodwin. And and and Kilmer Kenny. Yeah. I kind of had a little trouble understanding that was thirty years ago. I'm about to hear that press conference. Oh my God. I hit a press conference. I pay to go the press conference never mind the site. Big fight. They're going to call the fight the geezers or the. I just had the. Vegas gazers and say, well, they could. Caesar's Giza Caesar's. Yeah. That they had a a little Vikings twenty seven seventeen tomorrow. Juicy. I say I see ten point. I said twenty four seventeen to twenty seven to seven enough. Alex. Sorry. I didn't dowager sorry about that. Oh, it's ok cowboy you don't have to acknowledge you. I appreciate you. Thank god. Boy. Yeah. Yeah. That's acknowledge this Harper Machado with all the other day. Boy should remember that if a for Peter seats over turning the reserve clause forty three years ago tomorrow, they might not be talking about forty million dollars. That's right. Yeah. Okay. Talk to you tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you. And what's on your mind? We're be Meal's coming up the gazoo win. We're open line. Give me a call eight hundred nine two three nine three five eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five or Email Cameron sports talk. Yahoo dot com open line until seven this evening. And then tomorrow, we're going to have on open line the first hour, of course. And then the second will be John Harrington the legendary football coach who just turned seventy eight today, and he holds a wreck for the most most highschool wins of any coach in history..

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