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The world shapers is online at the world shapers dot com. That's the website you you can find it on twitter at the world shapers and you can find it on facebook to the world shapers <hes> google the world shapers podcast. You should find it without got any trouble. I am also online of course as you might expect. <hes> you can find me at edward willits dot com. EDW ARD w. I l. l. e. dot com. You can find me on twitter at e willett e. w. I l. l. e. T. t. and you can find me on facebook. At edward. Don willett you can also so find me on instagram but i'm not very active there. I still haven't quite figured out how to make that work for me but <hes> i am on there. If you want to check it out that's another episode of the world shapers eighty percent a mini more great episodes to come lined up quite a few guests that i'll be talking to very short order here. <hes> there's lisa kessler who is a paranormal romance romance writers so that's a little different. She's coming up next after that. We've got people like <hes>. Tim pratt to susan j forest garth nix very excited about that one <hes> james alan gardner candice jane dorsey. I may be forgetting somebody but there's some great guests still to come and i hope view will come back and listen to all of these episodes and also go back and check out on the world shapers dot com website the archives where you can go back and listen to the first i years worth of <hes> interviews because just past the year anniversary at the beginning of august and it's been a great year of talking to riders in there are many more green talks with writers to come. Come back more chance. That's this week <music> uh-huh..

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