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They displayed off the court postgame during the game they may not have otherwise lost to the heat, 1061 on one to fall two games behind in their best of seven East final. Siri's sees blew a 17 point lead were outplayed and outhustled throughout the second half, and after the loss, Marcus Smart was heard screaming in the locker room. There were reports of loud arguments and items being thrown. Smart didn't chat with the media. But Jalen Brown talked about his teammate, no place Passion is full of fire, and that's what I love about it Most. He has that these are not will. We need him to continue to have that this ups and downs the families all the time, but we embraced each other. We are heart. This is my love for you got to get ready to come back. Take the same fire added to Game three. That's tomorrow night in Boston is hoping to have Gordon Hayward back from his sprained ankle. Raphael Devers Homer drove in three to help the Red Sox by the Marlins, 53 and Lightning advance to the Stanley Cup final to face the star. Adam Kaufman. Doubly BZ Boston's news radio, say 13 already Friday morning, Let's take a look at the roadways. Now with Lori Grandi and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes while we get some delays right now still 95 North Slope for about a mile getting onto 93 Getting through Canton there Expressway is South on is tied up Columbia Road to Savin Hill, a little bit of running room but tough again. From Bryant Avenue to the split in Braintree. The North bound side, of course, continues to be very tough Freeport Street to Columbia Road after that you're doing okay. Heading in towards the O'Neill Tunnel. Check out 93. Not with Kristen. Acting for Insurance Road Report. Still looking Good. Carol Aurea 93 south out from cannot be lake up in New Hampshire down toward the 93 cloverleaf about 20 minutes overall to make that trip. Another 10 to 12 minutes to get into the city, depending on just how fast you're going. The lower deck of 93 find the lever down ramp. Of course, that's another story. Kristen AC in the Monterey Insurance, wrote her for it. Also watch out for delays right now on the tee. The commuter rail line This is the Providence stowed in line heading towards the South Attleboro. It's about 15 minutes behind schedule. This is trained 8 12 some kind of mechanical issue. Laurie, Granny Gottlieb Easy's Traffic.

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