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Totally so yeah my role is for the from the top of funnel through the end of our thirty day trial that a customer discovers everything that they need to to to make that purchase decision and make it on from an educated sandpoint so i'm across cutting across all the the different features to make sure that we kind of service them and a lot of different ways and there's a collaboration with those with those different teams but you you kinda hit the nail in the head we have features specific teams that they deliver new features in each of those verticals i discussed the publishing engagement in reporting in my role is to make sure that those are surfaced trials and and as be kind of grow into our subscriber base make sure that our subscribers are are more aware of those new features of the come out tuck a little bit about far listeners talk a little bit about the difference between the objectives for i think you're describing activation in a lotta ways right so i for whatever reason i discovered sprout social i saw an ad i was at a trade show i heard this podcast i go to the website i determined that it might be something interesting to me and i sign up for the free trial and the thing that's going to convert me to a customer is really rooted in how much value that free trial brings to me which is i think tied to the discover ability of the features whether or not those features speak to me so a lot of your work it sounds like is let's make sure those features discoverable let's make sure that the person on the other end is engaging so that they can become a potentially happy customer and move through through another funnel in a way one hundred percent are myrow is making sure that a customer understands the value we have then like i said before it means so much so so many different things so many different people and so we are tasked with making sure that whatever there they came to do and we're we're really focused right now on the first five minutes of their their uses making sure that we connect them and how convey the value of of our features in the first five minutes so if they came in to answer to to use them boxes a customer service tool do they have.

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