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What are you doing doing over there. A bunch of songs discuss things. I hear we hear it. I'm sorry pedone step up to the champ Despite losing to rally we had a Done had no desire to wait in line. Why should he I love pedone. And of course behind him is only locating danny. Burch ended up being a brawl between fim valor Era and then an copies crew You thing about done. I wanted to be more fiery on his promos other than that. Uh digging this virus. I'm okay with us. He needs more energy one hundred percent. But we'll see what happens Pedone versus the ballot is going to be amazing. Yes oh mazing. I can't wait for that. That that's a dream few. That's coming very soon. After what happened in the opening of st led right into a dusty classic tag match between adam cole. Roger strong with calendar corner against xango of course undisputed era up the win and the an once again finishes over the. Because that's what we had this week. Everything was sh- mas. Everybody has come into the ring and beat each other up and god the matches cool. But that i'm just. I'm there's no. There's no more creativity in his fucking in fucking wrestling business anymore. By the way did we get the debut of the new tack team and nfc. I was called the show with that next season with you. Because i think that's the most important happened this week in which we're actually already up to that point own. Let's get into it The new team of ms k which is two thirds of the formerly known. Rascals are now wesley and nash carter and they debuted this week in the dusty cup. They faced off against jake. Atlas is as scott. What well during the match. But overall m s que style is very high energy and athletes. They are amazing. I wish the other member wish. Miguel was was here as well but He's dealing with family. Kovachev tough so he's not here but pick up the win and everyone loved their.

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