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Thirty because as ugly to clear up and we'd get 28 75 ramilo apponaug stirred nickel in there this is a cheryl skull gives she came all the way from los angeles to memphis to uh to attend the candlelight vigil in the commemorate his passing him well the she's not so happy with the charge i don't like and i don't like the way they you know everything that you do over there used to be able to walk around angola feet named after you pay your initial ticket now you have to show your gray three have bracelet have charlotte art so why all of a sudden well i think if you remember of is that a last year maybe the year before priscilla presley lisa marie presley both sold their shares of light the elvis presley's now now it's owned by big companies dispoute a ton of money for it and now they wanna make they're trying to recoup their money also this is one of those ways than the others a couple of others though buys for people who are just like you know it's a low everything's just giving so commercial i've which i think it's funny because they've been doing this for it took forty years learn so me to charge which is coast apprising considering its elvis that it seems like you know they find any way to make money but um it's been thirty years since the king of rock and roll elvis presley died ap's shows smith reports fans have for decades gathered at his grave at graceland but this year they found that it was going to cost them twenty dollars seventy five cents to pay their respects for the first time in nearly four decades elvis presley fans who visited graceland to commemorate the anniversary of his dad had to pay to walk past his grave and a lot of them were pretty upset about one woman from los angeles said she didn't think elvis would like it if he knew his stamps were being charged to attend vigil some others those sought different light at saint petersburg florida visitors says it goes along with the territory of the popularity of elvis elvis presley died of a heart attack august sixteen nineteen seventy seven.

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