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On zillur unit suggest for women because doing so setup women as a separate class for men in eighteen ninety eight constants continued her study of art by moving to paris to study the studio run by ridolfi julian she was at this point completely dedicated to this study even wearing a wedding ring to symbolize that she was married to art but not long after arriving in paris she met polish playwright and artist count casimir markevic constance and casimir were immediately taken with each other he was tall and handsome and six years younger than she was he was also a very good painter he was being from poland very unlike most of the people she had known in her life he was also married although his wife died in eighteen ninety nine just a few weeks after he and constance met by the time kazimierz wife died he and constance were already quite close they had a passionate romance that involved lots of bicycling and at one point a dual that casimir fought to defend constance is utter after someone insulted her at a costume ball on september twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred they got married constance is younger sister mabel who had been engaged for years also got married not long after suggesting that the family was traditional enough to insist that the oldest daughter get married before the younger ones although casimir styled himself as a count it is not completely clear whether he actually was one if he did have some kind of title he did not have a lot of money and even though constants came from quite a lot of money her father had died in january of nineteen hundred and virtually the entire estate was settled on her brother so as the newlywed couple divided their time among paris listened l and the markevic family estates in poland they mostly did it with the financial help of the family on november thirteenth nineteen o one they had a daughter named maeve.

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