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He called once again to investors said John Gary Kaltbaum you host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is Monday it is April thirteenth it is two thousand and twenty we are here to talk about everything that is just affecting everything and of course we start with the markets but we don't end with the markets we cover everything from start to finish never in our lifetime but we think we'd be covering a virus and but it all matters now all of it matters the three day weekend whichever religious holiday you celebrate we hope to be celebrated well we know a lot of you are doing what they I guess they called virtual religious ceremonies we had a virtual seder at my house for Passover are quite interesting but we got it done we wish everybody just all the best as we move through this but first by the way I still got to get used to the my entrance music for the show if you do not get this I missed an Ackroyd if you do not get the show in the city go to Gary K. dot com you listen live archive were like six or six PM eastern time Monday through Friday also with Gary cannot come you can follow me on Twitter just press the button to Twitter Kerry called bomb you could email me just being nice no really just be nice we are commentary anything we post if you like to hear we're doing like to hear what you're doing press.

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