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Jeff but not so it's a cavalcade of gas the cavalcade here it's not just a list of the cavalcade of folks coming up on the program all right we have basically a handful of birthdays each day we give you some of the notable birthdays throughout history without you know going to deep down the rabbit hole to explain who they are in some days we have a long list today is today is little different we have a short list of birthdays today is December the six that on this date December the sixth in at nineteen hundred Agnes Moorehead was born actress so on a sit com back in the days let's just say she played a mother in law that the husband did not like you know take a guess on that show sherry we are working on birth if you don't mind the heat you don't have to do that that's okay was a genie no but that is a great gas she was the mother in law on bewitched okay and I was thinking I said the wrong one yeah that was a great gas Agnes Moorehead was born on this date in nineteen hundred she passed away about the wait seventy four on this date in nineteen twenty Dave Brubeck the jazz pianist and composer I was born he lived to be ninety two by the way Otto Graham NFL quarterback from the Cleveland brown days he was born in nineteen twenty one couple more for you on this date in nineteen thirty four Nick Bockwinkel was born Nick Bockwinkel used to be Jerry Lawler's World Championship men nemesis Nick Bockwinkel would come to Memphis with the world heavyweight title and Jerry would try and try and try and try to beat Nick Bockwinkel and win that championship but he never did Nick Bockwinkel passed away by the way in twenty fifteen at the age of eighty one years old so folks a certain age remember Nick Bockwinkel also on this date in nineteen sixty two Janine Turner not from she played Maggie in northern exposure was born on this date and there you have it birthdays for December the sixth coming up next hour we've got events from this date in history that'll be coming up in about an hour I met this morning is by the way in California in Antioch California the police are searching for a woman who witnesses say intentionally drove her car into a barber shop and she was upset with how the barber gave her son a hair cut suspect was causing a scene outside the barber shop she wasn't happy the barber went outside recorder license plate and then the woman allegedly attempted to run him over the barber was knocked into the stores glass windows breaking them and sustain some significant leg injuries the sixty three year old barber was transported to the hospital any out police finally identified a suspect twenty eight year old ruby del get DO of Brentwood California she fled the scene can imagine fleeing the scene in a previous she fled the scene in a two thousand six yes and they're still looking for her after she was not happy with the hair cut that her son god so if you're in if you're out in California look out for look out for steaming mad woman in a previous in all right let's turn our attention from those headlines to tell looking ahead to the rest the your you know this is this is the time to have a terrific time and holiday party seem to be back on the rise you know we had we had the me too movement and now I guess the question is what a party is going to be looking like and what should they look like after that after that time let's set turn our attention to a company culture experts doctor Derren Martin Dr Darren great to have you on in Memphis how are you Hey I'm fantastic well it's terrific to have you on the show and of course it couldn't have you on at a better time now because companies are starting to roll out their holiday parties and it looks like according to a recent survey they're on their own the rights they are on the rise which I think is fantastic you know come to companies have gotten away from all of the fun stuff and I don't think that's that's the right move so I love it is there a bit of a difference I I know company parties in the past in some places have been kind of a place where folks can let their hair hair down is it safe to say that perhaps that's been tempered a little bit even though there's a come back what would have been tempered and obviously it should be you want to show up for work on Monday morning and get a promotion about the fire amen so your behavior at the party can really actually shaped either one of those and where people get into trouble is they forget that it's still a work environment I know it's the party but you still need to you know act as if you're still in that work environment if you do that you should be okay the two biggest mistakes people make our that drinking and winking at that's where people trouble drinking and waking I'll have to steal it from if you don't mind I that I like that drinking and I'm I'm guessing sometimes some some harassment suits can come out of the Christmas party or at least in days gone by it seems like there's been anecdotes of of that happening yeah I guess generally speaking yeah you kind of given some some warnings about the employee's no drinking and winking if an employer is looking to have a a party you know what what are some things that they you know what are some things they can do to make sure this gets you know their party goes off you know without a hitch so yeah you get a professional bartender they can they can keep track of of the alcohol intake you know make sure the people remember the code of time dog and then have a good time I think if you're working within a highly professional people then you want them to act professionally and whatever environment they find themselves that but certainly people people need to go in prepared I think for the people individually have a play and you know commit that I'm gonna have X. amount of drinks I'm gonna leave by this time and don't let yourself get out of control because that's when things go south this might be a wild question doctor Derren Martin joins us on the show is there a if you're a company is there a better day of the week to have that party would it be better to have it on a weekend it or is it better to have it on a week night so that you have an excuse to may be cut off a little bit earlier and expect everybody to be back at work the next day so the reality is people don't like doing work activities in non work hours so I I like the idea of starting at maybe in the afternoon and having a dinner or something but knock off work a couple hours early so that was really part of of the work day slow and then you know giving people just a really great experience with the lights down or something along those lines you set yourself up if you have it on Friday night starting at nine o'clock club so the tone of your you know your workplace I I think the act context in terms of where you do it and what time you do it and what day of the week I think you're dead on about that really matters and I I guess for an employee it's always a good idea to check the ground rules to see who can come with you to the party a are you is it for employees only is it for employees and spouse is is it for employees and somebody we just started dating three weeks ago I guess that's kind of critical to to to know who's supposed to be coming to these things yeah I would be careful about bring someone you just one on one date with that could be a bit of a wildcard if you do have the opportunity to bring a significant other or you know partner stopped bring up I I you know as long as you that person you long you don't have a knock down drag out all your office party but I think a great way for people to see a different side of you what people forget about the office party we talk about not getting in trouble but the other thing is Hayden leverage and use it to get to know what you know bosses managers other people in a different way and what you wanted to do is that they are leaving the party talking about you in the car on the way home in a good way Hey I really liked that person that works here Hey that's a great idea doctor Derren Martin I really appreciate you spending some time with us and hopefully we can catch up with you again really soon if we don't hear from me in the next few weeks wish you a very happy new year and appreciate your time yeah I always will be no movement at thank you again okay all right and Memphis morning news and six forty one a football back on tomorrow Tigers this is I'm not trying to make anybody nervous but it's probably the biggest game we've had in I don't know since the first bowl.

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