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What do you mean you, didn't it? Thought. So I have a theory that whatever I don't know. When she made the decision, but she got up early I think she went and talked to production, and she was like I'm not doing this. I don't WanNa. Do this and they were probably like. Okay, you've been here for twenty minutes calmed down. Can you please just try to work this out a little bit? Because it's also? She's quitting the day of Charter. The average is going to leave her team really down a person when they absolutely need it so I guess that she just like went. Maybe talk production what I also confused about when she came back and Captain Sandy was. Can you come here? Here and she was like no. Can you come here? Is She liked legally not allowed back on the boat or something? I think if a captain invites you, you can come on for sure, but also I think it was more like a a stance like maybe she or she felt like. If I get on that belt, maybe they'll let me off right well. I was thinking back to previous seasons when. When someone has left. I do feel like they've gone and packed their bags like it was just weird to think that somebody else was packing up her stuff, but maybe she didn't want to deal with the fallout, and like having to see Hannah again or whatever, but I do agree with your point that I wish. She had maybe stayed for a few more episodes in like stirred up a few more. More things during this Charter. And then there was like a big dramatic exit, but yeah I definitely think we could have seen a little bit more from Laura Yeah we also have an interview with her on Bravo. TV Dot Com right now talking about her experience, so if you guys didn't feel like you got enough, Laura check it out. I'm probably DOT COM. I'm sure she has glowing reviews of Hannah. I, know I can't i. haven't read it yet so I'm really excited to check it out I. Just have to say to chef. ky-ko's food seems so so good I am surprised that he seems to make Great Food and is nice why that's so unusual for a a chef. Right? Right I feel like yes, I I think the personality usually when you're a good shafts is not as good as your food. You absorb is kind of rare to see someone who so bubbly and energetic. And Smiley and he's just some exciting. He loves what he's doing and he's putting together these amazing meals. It doesn't always work that way. Personality wise, but yeah I mean the toughest thing that he put together. Everything sounded so good, and that's one of my favorite styles of meal where it's not just like you know one plate of food, but it's like all sorts of different things that you can eat. It just looks so amazing also can I just say that these children being on the boat is giving.

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