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I thought it was on chicken. I'm glad you called. Hi, candy for Valentine's Day for the first time since nineteen o nine. The runoff of Valentine's Day won't include store. Shelves stocked with sweetheart candidate. Aw. Crap New England. I don't know this word confectionary candy maker. Eleven. The confectionaries versus conventional. The union soldier. New England confederation company Massachusetts-based candy manufacturer manufacturer slew of chronic brands. Nineteen sly shut. Sorry now, I'm doing they shut down to file for bankruptcy. Set down to filing for bankruptcy than Jay. Jay you went with. I. Came around. I can see. Dishes. Are you familiar with the term you made your bed? You're listening to Bob and Tom extra. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. Which means you're going to start telling your kids to clean up before the cleaning lady comes doesn't make sense. But you're the parents, and they're the kids you're gonna.

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