Murder, Crete, Mike Dil discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Four you maurice no last night on these select the the draft show pardon me i knew the hit true crime series murder made me famous is now on podcast one showcasing some of the most notorious crimes imaginable including scott peterson jodi areas ted bundy and stay more tuned for sixty see seconds homered of eight or meaning made news headlights them right famous after this at podcast the wag new up is associated we'll watch starting this week every gome tuesday on been apple atten podcasts he was ready for that as pitchy well even as though podcast is slightly one about dot the bell com and catches the podcast out one out one at front app to in crete's checkout that the new lift season of murder in hits made it me out famous first starting home run saturday of the season april fourteenth now is victory on the reels oh haas channel and margoob izzo on the angels call and we heard them a little bit more chipper in the first couple weeks of the season i mean the red sox came in yuki even see you'll cooled off the angels they just demolish the angels took them apart and outscored them twenty seven to three in the ceres mukhi pets with another lead off home run last night third leadoff home run hit in that stadium most lidove home runs hit by visiting player in anaheim stadium history which has been in existence since nineteen sixty six but that's not your old gents debt hit it please here mike dil to fan.

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