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Powerful men in sports? Right? Like I, if I put Phil Knight and Jerry Jones apart across from each other, is it Phil Knight the monster? Like who am I putting next to Phil Knight where you're like, that guys is powerful in sports is Phil Knight. The guy who runs Nike, Jerry Jones had no comment. Instead, he respects Nike. Well, he but he's done talking moment just because he's made so many messes that Cadel is finally told him to shut up. I'm gonna say Tom Brady. Most powerful person in that league Garoppolo adhere? Yup. Hero back on flights, don't ask me a question about Guerrero walk away. He's back on the sideline. Do we have any chance of getting Phil Knight on? We requested them. He passed today has tomorrow. Well, he pass yesterday. No one's heard from Phil Knight on this. They're Nike has people that they paid lots of money to go on. Put out officials on this one. Wouldn't you imagine? I don't know what kind of delegator he is, but on this one, this is not something that crosses the CEO's desk and end up in anyone's face before he has said, yes, correct, very involved. What one has to assume that that this, this is not something that you're delegating to your people? Correct. There's no way I can't imagine. There's a way where this happened without Phil Knight, having knowledge of proving what I would just love is some honest transparent conversations about what's happening there. I don't. I don't think we're entitled to it and it's not the way people run big business. But if you wanna get engaged on this topic, that is so tired with nothing new over the last. Ear the way to do it is how do the rich people really think? What do they really think, man, I'm maybe I'm jaded, but I don't think the the issue at the heart of this matter is really what's discussed at the office at Nike headquarters. I think this is a risk analysis conversation. What is doing this cost us what's a fall out with our partner, but I'd love to know what that is though. I'd love to because on off look man when it comes to race and capture Nick, we've seen over the last few years that it's just about everyone taking sides. Everyone keeps taking sides. It's one of the reasons this conversation has gotten tired, but I would like to know in honest terms, I would love to know, can it be both? Is Nike making a marketing decision and also some sort of principled stand by specifically doing this this week? It's the open of the season. Their partner does not want this talked about. The only reason it's being talked about is because Nike made it talk. About. We were not going to be talking about this this week, but it seems like you're engaged because you've been talking about it for a half hour, but it's an important conversation. I'm glad we're having it donlevatar. Why do people still use yellow highlighter 's pink letters, purple highlanders, blue highlanders green high letters, orange highlanders. Why are people using yellow highlighter. This is. Another one. I love these calories. So dog. Oh. To Sweden the best. This is what I do. I go buyer emoji fireworks flav Bo Geeta. Mall and spans. I don't have much else this. We probably shouldn't have broke ten minutes early last segment really throughout the clocks here. Now we have to fill for another fifteen minutes. Another one VC's live with our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio football is approaching, and that means I want you to imagine Stu gods. Not unlike Rambo in the movies, dropping to a knee with a sleeve of bullets on his left arm. As he goes nipple, the nipple with his takes machine gun takes rapid fire. He is just spitting information during the breaks. Okay. So this was my experience. The last break..

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