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I love the tax revived started last saturday night live a new if you would see featherweight champion of one and only max lies holloway i have my brothers in our garage as always vive suffered a these of honor i am not am grief white resigned we'll talk to your speeches wealth night we've got angry mighty mouse wall by an more tonight will regard bureau 212 taco above out tough all redone sure should dimitris johnson by tj bill shaw all that an warren who is next in the featherweight division steve our got mike how are you van free gin task thick i'm gary go on good i'm good so the ufc through twelve off all last saturday and brassier and you know it was kind of apparent very quickly that we were in brazil bomb gobble wait aw achieving early stoppages couple late stoppages and i and i don't know you guys think i'm crazy well i'm sure most of you do i had nate markor beating vitro belfort two rounds to warn by not sure how bell forgot the when there again we are in brazil or we weren't brazelle uh we also star quadri del ya huawei who listening we're gonna an hour gives more guest here in a.

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