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I think if i'd break a ball no big deal it will men and the only time have had like a reckoning with my identity and self worth was a brain injury my will that's important i can't let my brain get injured and i remember right after the accident thinking like why can i have just lost my legs which if you think about it a as a relatively minor brain injury had it's it's it's ridiculous to think that light losing in my legs would be less traumatic than having a couple of rain bleeds than vestibular system damage but it's that it's that degree to which i am centered around the cognitive as my primary way of functioning and why i am so often deeply confused by my emotional reactions the banks but actively troubled no well emotions live in the body that's where they are situated they're not these things that exists solely in our intellect they actually have physiological signatures that go along with each of them and so it's really hard to do emotional awareness emotional regulation it's hard to feel with some one and do empathy when we are disconnected from our body because emotions particularly the feeling of other people's emotions lives in our own body as well and so on high by ideology that hillary lives it the insular though the law or insular cortex inada yeah i was saying hewlett man myself so the into in the insular cortex in the brain is a structure or is that of structures that helps us understand how we can feel sensations in our body and then make sense of them intellectually and do that thing that we're talking about which is the sense the felt sense of something in our body and what's fascinating is that the insular tends to be implicated in things like disgust so a this vissel response that there's something bacterial that we don't want to ingest its protective in its function but the insula is also implicated in things like how we do empathy with other people because it accesses or it's it's part of the group of structures that are responsible for mirror neuron response when we see someone else's emotions and we feel them in ourselves like watching a video and seeing someone get punched in the got in the going rate almost imagining that it's happening to yourself and so insulate.

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