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That was peter murphy from no as marine debris program when it comes to drugs like heroin cocaine alcohol we used to think that cleaning up meant to stop using and getting the drugs out of your system a fresh start but new addiction science tells us that that notion is largely a myth because the underlying addiction is still there long after the chemicals are gone doctors and scientists are gaining a better understanding about the complex ways this can play out in the brain and why it's so hard to stay clean alana gordon takes it from here the story of nate robinson read like a history tax for drugs in america in the '60s and '70s it was a lot of alcohol the marijuana back then that was like the hippie tara was also the early days of math in the eighties it was cocaine and then crack you know he's like a euphoric feel it was that we as often will know the hit you spin you who paycheck that night then in the nineties came heroin by ninety seven look like a 60yearold me and i'm them up i was him up the thirty in a loss all the way in abu slim dude normal life anyway but now a meal birth it was at that point that neat went into treatment for the first time it changed his life ecotools detox rehab go to recover else fourteen was claim he was doing really well he got a job and guess services at a hotel fuel oh my god.

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