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Race and she's one three over last four races. She's good she does get that weight break. She's on the board at nine to two number. Two is moon's swings owned by zilly racing stables one of two maidens in this year's field trained by Mike do pa-o Jesse Campbell is aboard really might be a maiden but Eddie finished third behind these flatter twice. The ADS blinkers today for trainer Mike the Paulo and maybe that'll help him take long shot. Forty seven one number. Three is cracking wagon owned by green oaks farm racing stable August. Boone tain is the trader Geoffrey. Alderson the jockey. One agree winnowed depressing. Bond team will be his first win of the season and the biggest race Canada here would be huge sixty nine to one though on cracking wagon. Here the Queen's plate number four pay for peace team penny racing stables. Are the owners. Rachel Holden is the trainer and she will give a leg up to Jockey Raphael Happy L. Hernandez no Rachel Holden having a great neat winning at a thirty two percent clip. This horse won the plate trial last time out. That's the preparation for today's events event. So you gotta give them a look thirty two one on pay for peace maybe an upset here number five one bad boy owned by. Cj Racing Greg Hall and Brooke Hubbard Richard Baltimore Trains Raines and Jockey Flavian Pratt to the Kentucky Derby earlier this year. He's abort one bad boy F- Libyan tend to take the Kentucky Derby into Queen's Plate and The blinkers are coming off this horse trying to get him to settle in the Derby Queens double that would be a heck of a daily double for Flavian if he can pull it off. One bad boy on the board at five to one number six is Lucas and Laurie old by Laurie. CIRILLO and Kelly Waxman Cabinet car trains Kazushi Kimura the nineteen year old native of Japan. Dan is aboard cameras. have an ridiculously good meat. And this horse has it run well this year at all. He's still eligible non wonders to meets the race of his life to win. Eighty seven to one a loose. Laurie number seven federal law owned by cutter Racing Limited mark. Cassie the eleven time sovereign award winner is the trainer. Jamie Spencer Sir. Is the jockey printer. A law I've seen his races. He'd be trying to go a little too fast on the front. They bring in a champion jockey. Jean Spencer from a.

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