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What that thing that bedsheets not over the window anymore they were not able to climb up the bed chance because they were they were hefty guys so they were unable to convert the bed sheets they didn't have the key to get the road rallies to so now the front they think the front desk is going to give them a ladder scibilia club tobaccoproduct balcony it get into the room of course we have it all on security footage so romeo cornell finds out about at the next day because the front desk instantly calls the browns security and tells them we've got two huge guys that are incredibly trunk asking for a ladder it comes down the whole thing they get busted they get in trouble and romeo made him sit on the bus the entire game and think about what they did at the actively probably the best case scenario for the for the other got caught like the next week that wasn't really good he added look at the i i thought it was so funny because they were so hung over and you just battle had it on the door like that i don't have any story that there was one time where i think like a couple of players might have snuck out to like a a strip club and there was a couple of coaches and they basically came here at refrigerator and what are you doing in an like in the players got all scared and they like wait a minute what are you doing here and then i was kinda like you didn't see me i didn't see you and they just went their separate ways let's pretty good uh one last quick story for me it wasn't a road trip but it was actually a home game um and at home games you have the same type of hotel situation as you do i wrote you in your room at eleven doors locked hallways occupied by police officers even for a home game so uh we had a player i'm not going to say what his name was but he got caught trying to bring a huge duffle bags suitcase a roller with a girl in it.

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