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Donald Trump, Mister Mulvaney, Bribery discussed on The Beat with Ari Melber


Special report tonight tackling week unlike any other in the trump era which is really saying something considering brand new the first trump official to confess under growth to a quid pro quo bribery plot. The first public hearings with trump's own Pentagon and national security staff detailing a plot to extort store foreign help to cheat in trump's reelection campaign and for the first time Donald Trump's own staff saying this whole plot was not some shadow policy by a few. You bad apples. This was the trump policy. Everyone was in the loop and the what here has been matched by the magnitude of the WHO because each of those revelations drawn not from critics or observers but from this March of nine different trump administration insiders who joined twelve other witnesses businesses. We've now provided over thirty hours of testimony in the public hearings testifying under oath stepping up to the plate under pressure and at times at risk distinguishing themselves from some of their more powerful bosses who remain in bureaucratic and legal hiding. It's a reminder about the difference in Washington between being a boss and acting like a boss appoint that was further underscored by how many of these witnesses departed their hearings because they appeared under subpoenas that they probably didn't want to get in a process they obviously did not initiate so after braving the pressure and the threats considered most walked out. They didn't get to re enter a security. A bubble of a motorcade like say the White House chief of staff who remains comfortably in hiding no several walked out of the doors of Congress to hail a Red Cap walking down on Capitol Hill to grab an iconic Washington red taxi and jump back into the car and back to their jobs and their families the way they came in not with a lot of support deport not with a lot of money necessarily not with security no just walking out on the strength of their reputation in public service. So what did they leave behind this week a string of explosive revelations damning evidence and as I'm about to show you receipts you know to paraphrase the Eisley brothers. You GotTa hold on to your receipt the seat to redeem your word. That's exactly what you'll need. And while the trump White House is defying all those evidence request several people brought their receipts with them including the Star Star witness from trump's nightmares would be lacking who turned on him. Donald Trump's now famous handpicked ambassador Gordon. Sawn Lynn who turned into a star witness nisus basically for joining in the evidence for impeaching his own boss and under pressure he went from defending trump and denying the plot to admitting it amending his testimony. We try to position himself as more of a witness less of a potential co-conspirator to bribery. Well this is crucial. You know people have spent years talking about Donald Trump abusing his is power or demeaning his office in general. But as we've reported right here only recently did the public evidence suggest case for bribery which is crucially an impeachable teachable. Offense and now trump current ambassador says under oath. Yes we do. Quid pro quo bribery. This man walked into Congress. Dropped dime on his boss at the worst possible time. It's unreal when you think about it so take it in because this is what it sounds like when someone confesses in public doc was there a quid pro quo as I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White White House meeting. The answer is yes. Yes how do you confess that and get away with it. I mean solemn may be naive about some things but he has not dumb. He came in armed with larger names than his own trading up on his bosses in the same way he wants traded money for dirt on their behalf. Half think about that. It's funny right if you rely on someone versed in transactional powerplays turns out. They can use them on you Donald Trump's learning that again. That's the second big thing here. Trump's ambassador detailing who was in on this plot according to Gordon Sawn it was everywhere Mr Giuliani president. Trump secretary POMPEO secretary Perry Brian McCormack Myskina Chief of staff Mulvaney and Mister Mulvaney senior adviser. Rob Blair Ambassador Taylor Ambassador Volker a lot of senior officials. Everyone was in the the loop now in total fairness. What if silence is trying to save himself? So He's gotten himself stuck in something and just taking shots at everybody else well from every mafia movie all the way up to the wire. The rule is clear from Omar. If you come at the king you best not miss and this man Sunlen. He still works for the trump administration. So as he comes for the king's chief of Staff Mulvaney and ultimately president trump well he's bringing the receipts. Maybe that's why he has that expression on his face face because he came with the proof the emails text messages showing proving the names that you just heard were in on the plot working with Sauna and and trump and before the infamous call teeing up the extortion of Ukraine to go after Biden. Well he shows and this is new. saw them providing high level email that went to Mulvaney. Perry Insulin's Insulin's direct boss Secretary of State pompeo laying out this bribery scheme getting Ukraine's leader to assure trump about the investigation. Soland busting Mulvaney. They need for confirming it with action. because there's another email showing him directing the National Security Council to set up the call and it's on the names names other reputable witnesses witnesses corroborating the same storytelling Congress today. Those officials undercut national security all Donald Trump's dirty political errands to go after after Biden he was being involved in a domestic political errand. And we were being involved in national security foreign policy and those two things just diverged. While that plot playing dowd this is the kind of cheating could tip election. The Ukrainians felt the heat because their military Harry money was frozen also knew and laid out in these hearings because well some Republicans had seized on one official who said that he didn't think Ukraine new the money was frozen which in fairness might reduce the pressure that they could have felt now. High level trump officials in the administration are testifying from this week. Ukraine did know the money he was halted a top Pentagon officials saying not only was Ukraine asking about money but they asked on the very day of trump's call demanding Ukraine go after biting on July twenty fifth. A member of my staff got a question from a Ukraine embassy contact asking what was going on with Ukraine security assistance to thirty one PM. That email said that the Ukrainian embassy and House Foreign Affairs Committee are asking got security assistance. That's the Pentagon official Ms Cooper explaining the Ukrainians knew the money was frozen which updates the prior testimony from colonel. Colonel Vincent who said he didn't know if that was the case or not so with Ukraine asking that would suggest in the story that the extortion was working Ukraine. Feeling the heat and it started going forward on plans to submit to announce these political investigations. Which is why Sunland says under oath there was a quid pro quo? The bribery plot was basically being executed. It was only disrupted by the whistle blower in real time and this impeachment probe later which saw inland ultimately cooperated with now if his shift sounds like a stunning running setback to trump his own current appointed. Admitting this to impeachment investigators wall staying on the job well it was Republicans reportedly really caught off guard by son's testimony scrambling to respond so the ambassador changed everything because he spent months telling trump what he wanted to hear that. Yes what can due quid pro quos to go after Biden. Then he spent weeks telling the White House what they wanted someone to say. No there was no quid pro quo and then you have the change this week song and turning around and telling impeachment investigators what they wanted to hear which is the truth and what saw lawyers would advise him to say which is the truth. That's the best way to avoid jail time. And that puts the trump administration and trump's defenders in a tough spot right. Now why would silent trump's point person on on this Ukraine plot. Why would he admit these terrible things that have been said about his plotting things that look bad? If they weren't true why would he bring receipts. It's why would he say all this stuff. That's bad about himself in court. This is often called an admission against interest. If you admit something bad about yourself. It's considered considered more credible than when you're just defending yourself or denying or bragging about how great you are because you have no usually biased reason to just confess or criticize yourself. In fact fact under the rules it's considered so credible it's actually an exception to hearsay. Although saw was saying this under oath so it wasn't hearsay to begin with but this this admission against interests make silence confession very credible bad for trump. You can think of it this admission as the EMINEM rule. That famously naughty rapper. I said I am whatever you say I am. If I wasn't then why would I say I am make sense right. Well saw is is whatever they said he was trump political donor trying to extort political help for trump. And if he wasn't why would he say he was. Sometimes it is that simple. Silence receipts shedding light on another part of this one of the more bizarre attacks on President Trump for his conduct in the scandal. which came name you remember from his number one White House aide Mick? Mulvaney who one day walked out to the White House lectern and admitted the quid pro quo in order to defend defended the also mentioned to me in past the corruption related to the DNC server. Absolutely no question about that. This is a quick profile. We do that all the time with foreign policy. That's it and that's why we held up the money. That's why we held up the money. You remember of course we all do. If you follow follow this that was seen as an almost inexplicable gaffe. At the time. Trump's lawyers the same day started publicly rebuking Mulvaney for the claims. He started walking them back now. Do you remember how odd that was like. What was he doing? But this is why investigations are interesting and add information because look at it now. Think think about what we know. Now but what Mulvaney new. At the time. He knew their receipts. He knew there was written. Evidence tying him tying Mick Mulvaney just setting up the phone call for the extortion and bribery plot. He knew that then and he knew it was probably only a matter of time until it came out so he had his own interest separate from Donald Trump in trying out any defense that might say the whole thing was okay instead of saying what Donald Trump is still saying this week. which is that? It didn't happen while still employing slowing the guy who says it happened now remember how Mulvaney also tried breaking with the White House over these lawsuits over his own testimony. That also makes more sense now because Mulvaney has clearly clearly even thinking about how to get a round the receipts how you get around this evidence which shows that he was in on. These onlin Giuliani Perry plot now. Does president trump tough enough attention to all of this to notice. Will he virus chief of staff or his ambassador given that they both have their own interests that they seem to be putting putting ahead of his or does he think maybe firing them even more dangerous. I don't know but it's a lot this week. Also Vista rated once and for all the trump defense that he wanted investigations to address foreign corruption not for domestic political purposes against Biden and others revealed trump. Didn't even care if there was an investigation. This is.

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