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Yes. Our love you too buddy, go to their website that dude's brewed dot com. I story we've got some playoff games tonight. First game is about to Tabatha view minutes. You got bucks at Celtics all even at one game apiece. Who do you like in the series? And why would you like tonight, and why might your L? Well, I think it was in the minority before the series started in picking the Celtics reluctantly did. I like the reluctantly well just because I I like Janas, and I like the bucks play. But I'm saying, but my basketball had thought that the kyri would essentially be the difference down the stretch. I think that's going to happen tonight. I think Boston bounces back from tough game to kyri was really poor. I think it was four for eighteen Kirk which never happened. So expect. To see Boston front of that. It was going to be a drug fan base at this point of these light show. It's funny. You say that always helps them I'm sure you've been plenty of games there. That place is ruckus. Okay. I mean, those guys I remember the playoffs on the net games. Because I was there for the two thousand ten finals and all the games were ten o'clock eastern tip. Yeah. Because they wanted to maximize the fans were just I mean, they're tanning. Yes. They're taking all the bars, right right outside. So you can walk to the game a little bit easier. But I think future that I was in at minority of picking the Celtics, and the reason why because it was like a lot of the chemistry issues that they had throughout the season is something about when the playoffs. Come especially the way that the first round was for the east and west it was kind of like a precursor to like, okay? The second round win. We can kind of I get our kinks out second round win. We're gonna make sure everybody knows who we are are really thought that you're seeing it with the. Boston series, versa bucks. When you also.

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