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So and hence we have these massive deficit numbers in our country we're going to straighten it out and we'll do it in a at a very loving way you'll be a loving loving way phil like us better and they will respect us much more bring back that love in v lean four i steel tariffs are the righteous brothers making their entry and that little loving way gays in the same thing about immigration tell him doing it with a i remember when we laugh to jeb bush for saying the same sort of thing but now jitney donald trump's hasn't were supposed to pretend this makes any sense of course it doesn't ted cruz rand paul both of them come at it came out and said this is silly day cruz was the first lady said these tariffs concern me as well they should because they are stupid via the tariffs that were announced did they surprise you the up ups me but equant certainly uh when it comes to trade i support the president the administration being vigorous tried to open foreign markets for example leaning in hard on china to open up the mark okay well and i'm glad that that that's what ten crew says but the reality is that if trend lindstrom were designing these measures in order to attempts to drive some sort of lowered trade barrier on the on the other side that'd be one thing but trump is doing this on principle trump thinks that we can shaft other country in a trade war that's what he wants rand paul says the same thing about what he says the united states will lose a trade war because no one wins in a trade war you look at steel use in our country there sixty people purchasing steel for every person making steel in the country there's a lot of people who purchased deals are going to be hurt by this my state alone exports 20 billion dollars where the products including a lot of farm agricultural products and if there is a trade war we stand to lose in a big way and really united states will lose in a trade war okay so.

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