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Thomas brooke this is a we're talking about how to be ensured health insurance in a time when soulages flux president says obamacare is dead and gone it's not to you have to act to get it and we're taking questions in hearing stories about what's out there within the affordable care act and outside it this hour they're eleven is with us from menlo park california these with a special initiatives senior vp there for the kaiser family foundation advisor to the president of the foundation sabrina colle let is with us from washington research professor at the central on health insurance reforms georgetown university's health policy institute you can join this sarah what's your question on the affordable care act on health insurance outside that is a sign of time through your employer or you confused do you know what to ask what to look for what are you finding sabrina canoe pick up we had mirrored of the milan just before the break you're talking about her situation in georgia she said cancer she's finding you know all almost nobody rose zero options is what she says that she's got one but it sounds pretty tough there were local hospital won't won't take that she's giving soon as far away as jacksonville what do you make of her situation it sounds incredibly incredibly frustrating and and and scary and i i can't even imagine what she's she's going through i think it's important to you we've been talking a lot during this hour about some of the actions of the trump administration to undermine the law and why premiums are getting higher as a result thousand think it's important to acknowledge that you know even though since four the trump administration came in.

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