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Let me briefly ask you d, did you support or oppose him going into yesterday's hearings. Now I have to do admit on that. I am. I am biased because I'm conservative. So I did. It's not biased, but I'm interested in sort of what how it shapes what people have to say, Harrison. Thank you so much for calling. I appreciate this very much change home and let me ask you about this. Let's talk about the the decision by the Senate Judiciary chairman, Chuck Grassley of Iowa to hire Mitchell this sex crimes prosecutor to ask the questions for the all-male Republican side. David, it was a tough controversial decision just like in one thousand nine hundred one one. Clarence Thomas and Anita hill. Both testified every Republican on the committee is all male. They were afraid of the optics of having eleven Republican men. Many of them in their seventies and eighties questioning Dr. Ford. The feeling on the Republican side is that it did not go well the morning when they let her question Dr Ford, it sort of in some ways was sympathetic to her. Case. And then initially when they were questioning judge cavenaugh, it felt very legalistic and it it was very much focused on the facts of the underlying case. And that is when Lindsey, Graham, the Republican from South Carolina called an audible decided he was not going to turn over his five minutes of time for the prosecutor took question judge cavenaugh, but instead use that time to vigorously attack Democrats. And let's let's let's take a moment, James, James, let's just take a moment and listen to what he said because he brought the fire, here's South Carolina Republican Senator. Lindsey, Graham exploding during the cavenaugh testimony yesterday afternoon. What you wanna do is destroy this guy's life. Hope this seat open and hope you win at twenty twenty. You've said that not make. You've got nothing to apologize for when you see soda Marin cake and tell him it. Lindsey said, all costs I voted for them. I would never do to them what you've done. This guy, this system. Unethical sham. Since I've been in politics, Kimberly, Atkins Senate Democrats, several members of the committee walked out early this morning of the hearing on the Kevin. Aw, nomination and Democrats, particularly Dianne Feinstein have been a criticized for their handling of of professor Fords allegations, and the way in which it it. It sort of emerged in surfaced at the very end. How do these guys work together? How how, how, how fair is a grams anger and his characterization would Democrats have done look a think we what we have here is, and I've said this before on this program, the Senate is vetting it claim of sexual assault. There is can't think of a less proper, her less apt place for such claim to try to get to the truth of such a claim. Then the US Senate which has become one of the most politicized partisan just, you No, know. the it's a bare knuckled political fight taking place around this allegation, and that's what we're seeing play out. There's there was really no way to get to the truth in this form, but this is the only forum that is available at this point to get to the truth and absent any objective investigation in one thing that some folks have called fours and FBI investigation. I don't even think that would be sufficient. So we're seeing to you're, you're saying that that even though Democrats are saying, we should have an FBI investigation, you don't think that would be sufficient. What would be sufficient your mind? I mean, what do Americans need? What do their representatives need to kind of make this decision? Generally speaking, these kinds of claims are made in places like a court of law, which also may not be perfect, but at least you have evidently rules you have representation on both sides. You have all of of more level levers that are aimed at finding the truth fact finding and finding a making a just a result. These are members of congress are not judges. They're not jurors. These are members of the Senate that are going to make this coal in at the end of the day, it's going to be based on politics just as much as it's going to be based on what they saw take place yesterday. And so this is just a very different place. So this is why we're seeing this open battle..

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Atkins Senate Democrats, Us Senate, Lindsey discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts

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