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And he really means everything to go, right. Fame of the moment in order to win. And, you know, Younes problem yesterday he said was his legs alternately, but. I think that reflects the father when you've got brilliant, legs, you can correct mistakes, if you just about on the limit of being able to win anyway, and you have to make an unnecessary effort, even split-second will ultimately compromise chances, especially when I think the sprinting failed of this Jiro is very, very closely matched, spoke to a couple of people outside the lotto shoot all boss after the stage, the first of whom with Roger Kluger of the lead out, train kind of one of the interchangeable pieces. It turns out in lead out, train, former Jiro state winner, of course clue. And then to the sports director part lace in who runs their operation here at the year every year, started off by asking Kluger whether he would have taken to state wins for you and how you off of that before the race. Yeah. Of course. I mean, we're here to win stages to go with one, but a second one is always better. On the other question so far just one on hot finishes, most of the time, I pull, but we still believed in him. And if it's somehow not super fast like today was headwind, he still can do. He sa. Doing the right things normally in the final yesterday. Maybe he went wrong side, but Amal was just too strong probably yesterday today in that had been done from seeing of everything. Right. So what went right today? Oversee they wouldn't a crash that makes things a lot, simpler, doesn't it? Yeah. But yesterday, the Christian affect ARA all lead out, actually. Yeah, we kept in safe someone front. The last kilometer civil. Yes. If I was him, and then I was out of out of reach I couldn't see what happened. Exactly. But commentator was Kayla. Come on. And finally was Caleb. I'm what does this mean now for you, because I'm assuming Caleb, ume will lead Jiro now. Is that right? I think it's right. Yeah. So how does that change your race from here on? Con say we can we are quite happy, but we have still guys go can go on a break, and we have to break. So we're still looking for maybe one more. But we still already happy on yet, but we're not sitting just in the back. Now, can you confirm is the end of Caleb, jury Talia this year. Audio you need to say something. That was actually the plan from the beginning. And I think we have to stick with our plan and changing always old time. It's never good. Same like we believe always in, in care. In Caleb everyday. So we also keep keep the plan, what was from the beginning a good way to go out go out on top. Of course if you can go home with the victory is always nice and. You will be also mentally really strong for the upcoming race. When you're going to restart again to build up towards tour. So it's definitely that he will go to the tours a team sprinter, I think so. Yes. Two stage wins here. It's league gives him that momentum doesn't it? I guess. Are there are a lot of different spins in judo really technical really long straight? So today, he proved that he also can do this, this kind of mints. So that that's mentally really good for us for team for the the guys who lead out. That's a good. That's a good lesson to an a good experience. Actually, so now what happens for the team because there's so many climbing stages coming up? But you've got people to break aways. Yeah. We try to, but I think with the job that the Victor today. Domus domas yesterday, also big job. We need to give a small break to recover of it to be more. Maybe more successful. If they are totally fresh to go in a breakaway can you tell me about the lead, our and whose job it is to do what part of the lead out? Yeah. We have we have era pounded out road, captain. And that's Roger Roger can do really good on on those sprint like today, he guide guy, actually train, and it starts up..

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