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And you can tell And you're right. He seems to me like an elephant that never forgets, And it might be 30 years later. But now here's delicious opportunity to To repay Joe Biden. For all of this is really Justice Roberts, maybe the chief justice. But this is really the Thomas Court, isn't it? I think increasingly is if Kavanaugh and Barrett stick with the Conservatives, and Roberts was in dissent, we saw that with an eviction moratorium case. Um, that's sort of the Texas abortion case A few weeks ago, the court 54 Roberts would have blocked the Texas abortion law. Um it's kind of funny case where it came up because the floor hadn't gone to effectively pre challenge But I think Thomas is really in charge. I'll give you one anecdote. Thomas gave a documentary recently gave an interview where he was talking about his hearing and vitamins asking all these questions that natural law And Thomas was asked. Do you know what he was talking about? And Thomas said, I have no idea what I was talking about. Just after gibberish. Biden was just saying things that incoherence and Thomas was just look at this guy's This guy's an idiot. I mean, you don't buy it and graduate the bottom of law school class, and he was third from the bottom, and it's almost thrown off the largest plagiarism. He plagiarized one of the student papers. Um so we're not done with the sharpest knife in the drawer. No, we're not. But Professor Josh Blackman is the South Texas College of Law as always, Thank you. Good Sir Michael Barry show this is the Michael Barry Show. This crushing candy leave you with a crushing sense of boredom. Put some thrills back into your phone with best fiends. The five star rated puzzle game, but something new every time you play loaded with cute characters to collect and with over 5000 challenging levels to play. This puzzle game is made for people who.

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