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Bring your myspace hey thanks for sticking around so as promised i'm gonna give you the magic link to apply to be a flight director it's pretty simple it's go dot nasa dot gov slash flight director you can go there and learn what it takes to be a flight director and then actually apply if you wanna learn more about what it takes they actually have a brand new blog post that just posted on nasa dot tumbler dot com is called five myths about becoming a flight director colonel creamer also talked about this flight directors book that will be posted on april sixteenth www dot nasa dot gov slash e books it's called the iss colon operating outpost in the new frontier and you can learn about what it takes to work in michigan troll and then everything about it if you wanna learn more about what's going on at nasa there are two other podcasts that you can listen to what is called gravity assist hosted by dr jim green talks about planetary science otherwise you can listen to nasa in silicon valley that's from our friends over at the ames research center that talk about some of the research that goes on the international space station if you want more information about the space station specifically nasa dot gov slash iss is a great place for that otherwise you can join the conversation on social media where on facebook twitter instagram under as the international space station you can go to any one of those accounts and use the hashtag ask nasa on your favorite platform to submit an idea and we'll make sure to either answer it on a future episode or dedicate entire episode to it just make sure to mention is for houston we have a podcast this episode was recorded on march twenty ninth twenty eighteen thanks to alex perriman greg weisman pat ryan brandy dean and the flight directors in our flight operations directorate for helping to put this episode together so quickly thanks again to colonel tj creamer for coming on the show we'll be back next week.

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