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20 mobile games for mid core games and 9 new iterations of previously released titles. Which is very confusing way to say they've got a bunch of games coming out 62 specifically. The slide contains an important caveat that explains that this is only a snapshot of take two's existing development pipeline. Not all will necessarily be seen through to release. It's likely that some of these titles will not be developed through two completion, or some may be delayed, and we may also add new titles to our slate. As an example of take two not seeing every game through the completion, the company just announced that it canceled an unannounced game with associated cost of 53 million. We'll get to that that's the next story in this. To take two help of take two's ambitious plans, the company has been increasing its headcount in recent years for the latest year, take two had a development studio staff of 5046 a number that has been steadily growing in recent years. People are naturally wondering if the rumored grand theft or O 6 might be among new take two games coming over the next few years, but the company made no mention of this. So Tim initial responses to that I mean, there's not much more to say than wow, 62 games. That is utterly insane. It's interesting that, you know, why is this coming up? These financial earnings reports that they're talking to investors or whatever. It's nuts that a company as big as take two kind of still feels like they have the need to be like, yo, we got GTA online motherfuckers like the numbers speak for themselves. Let's go. Y'all don't need more. But we're going to give you more. Just in case that fails. Just in case that dips a little, it's not gonna. But just in case. And then here you go. We have 62 other games that are gonna make money to some extent. These motherfuckers just have so much cash that they're just like, yeah, you know, the rich get richer and take two best example of it of all time. Yeah, and I think there's an element of peacocking happening here where anyone in an anyone doing financials in the COVID times where financials or the health of company is constantly in question. It just feels like a good moment to be like, hey, we've got 62 video games coming. And that is basically coming on top of grander theft auto online, which is currently making more money than we will be able to spend in our lifetimes. And we've got all those video ground theft auto video games that the kids love to win they were growing up. We're putting those out again. And there is the looming question around Grand Theft Auto 6. And you know it's going to happen. They're never going to say it explicitly when it's coming out for a long, long time. But people are probably thinking Grand Theft Auto amongst those. So you look at the phrase or like this statement that they have 62 games in development and you're probably thinking immediately, well, it seems like take two is in good, good health. So I don't know, I'm going to invest or I'm going to pay attention to this company a bit more. So I think this is partly to kind of flex on that. And also it kind of softens the blow for the next story, which is take two canceling and unannounced game from before, before we get there, just going back to the GTA conversation with definitive trilogies coming out. And these being a huge deal. This is really exciting so far. It seems like they're making all the right moves. They look great. They're coming very soon. So they're nailing that excitement of announcement to you being able to purchase it. It's available on all the different consoles. Blah blah blah. Like you said so many people grew up with these games. Some of the most industry defining games of all time and they didn't just do it once. They did it three times. Year after year after year, right? There's such excitement that those games sold well, they didn't hold a candle to GTA 5, GTA 5 totally changed the game in terms of sales. Tim, what do you expect from the infinitive trilogy? Do you expect it to sell okay, sell as well as a good well selling brand new video game or do you think that, oh, it's GTA and it's gonna get that GTA 5 boost. I think it's kind of so gangbusters. Like, I think that it's gonna sell extremely well. We've seen how popular GTA continues to be. And I think the availability of weirdly, I think this is one of the better timed rereleases because we've had not only are those games difficult to play now outside of a PC, or like a mobile version, which is not the ideal way. But it's been long enough that people will feel intensely nostalgic about it. We feel nostalgic about it, and it's a game those are games that we constantly think about. And for many of us, have played multiple times up until this point. So imagine Joe schmo who hasn't been thinking about gaming intensity for a long time, suddenly seeing Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas and vice in one package. They're going to be like, oh, hey, yeah, I'm buying that. Those are three of the games that defined my game playing history. The games that I love. So I feel like it's going to really, really travel. And then let's not forget that now they're available on platforms that they were never available for. And they are playable in interesting new ways as well. I think that this rerelease has the potential to do incredibly well. And also, I don't think rockstar or take two are looking to make a crazy amount of money immediately. I think they just push that push that game out and then they're like, that is going to pay us dividends for maybe 5 years, like probably more than that. People are always wanting to play GTA. People are always nostalgic about GTA. So if they're not jumping on it right now, a year from now, two years from now, they're probably going to want to play it. And I think that this is a steady flow of income for them, a drip feed of sales. And it's kind of like the Nintendo strategy where they release Mario kart and then Mario kart keep selling until people just older people that know Mario kart exists are dead. And then it's like, that's when it starts to slow down. So I think that's similar thing is going to happen here, and they will be making bank off of it for years to come. But yeah. Next story comes from the fourth best video game website on the Internet. Have I driven this bit into the ground yet? No. I have not. It is GameSpot dot com. And once again, post on respect on Eddie mccutcheon's name, hardest working news right in the game. Take two councils and unannounced game set to be a new superhero title from mafia free dev. As part of take two's earnings report on Wednesday, the Grand Theft Auto parent company announced that it has canceled an unannounced game that public did not say what this game was, however, though it did disclose that the cancellation of the game came with related costs amounted to $53 million following the earnings report Bloomberg's Jason schreier reported that the game in question was a new title from mafia free studio hanger 13..

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