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Standards, including fed rap moderate and il 5. Learn how Splunk and support your missions by visiting Splunk dot com slash public sector It's Tuesday morning the election Tuesday midterms. November 8th. Welcome to WTO P at three 28. I think it was on the 8th and when it breaks first as always over to rich on her in the doublet traffics and all right traveling 66 eastbound between the two centerville interchanges works on blocks of single right lane then as you approach and pass the fairfax county park rated toward route 50, you have been getting by the work zone single file to left, but they may have stopped traffic on that works and can't get a good visual, but it does appear that traffic may be stopped. So again, you should be getting by single file left once you start moving again. Keep in mind the exits to the fairfax county Parkway both north and south are closed as far the work sound you're diverted further east up to route 50 beyond that there are working between one 23 and not least street single left language you buy there. The on ramp from one 23 to go east on 66 as well as the exit ramp to go to nutly street exit 62, where both blocked as part of the work sounds, eastbound 66, the ramps to both the outer loop and the inner loop have been blocked by the overnight work, posted detour is gonna take you up to route 7 to work your way back, the left exit, which takes you to the inner and ate loop express lanes, should now find that open once more, still working nor found 28 between 29 and 66 in the center, stay left past the work, whether you're moving down the street across the country around the world. Interstate moving has been delivering quality moves you can trust for over 75 years, visit their website, have move interstate dot com, rich hundred WTF traffic. Well, what a difference a couple of days makes here are coming off what was the warmest start to the month of November? We can say goodbye to the warmer temperatures and hello to cooler weather moving in. Going to be a cool start to your Tuesday temperatures and rarely wind chills

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