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Of up to seventy kilowatts which is according to this article ninety four horsepower or the equivalent of ninety four horsepower. And this is the e flyer to so the the operational costs of these things are are lower the plane itself costs about thirty five or three hundred and fifty thousand per plane, but it's the operating costs that are spectacular in comparison. They say that it costs a hundred ten dollars an hour to operate a conventional training plane, but these all electric planes only cost twenty dollars an hour. So that's a more than a or less than one fifth the cost pretty dramatic. You know, there's one aspect that. I had never thought of somebody. Brought it up to me. Over the weekend normally in an aircraft as you fly long you consume fuel and the aircraft later in lighter and lighter, which makes it more efficient here as you consume electronics ity her plane doesn't get lighter in let your so that's that's one negative in the equation for electrics. But I'm excited. I think they're going to be awesome for the training market in particular. Because a lot of our flights short and people are cost sensitive. So that's gonna help right. We heard from Mark Newton. And he sent a this is a YouTube video. I was just I think recently released. Yes, it came out from Mark Felton productions published just a few weeks ago, April fifth twenty nineteen. This is RAF. Hunter pilot goes rogue over London nineteen sixty eight and we we have this RIF pilot in Davie, he flew his hawker hunter jet. I think. He was trying to make a political statement or something. Yeah. Actually, the time. It was a major controversy because it was the fiftieth anniversary of the Royal airforce and parliament Al didn't want anything to do to celebrate it. So he went on a private air toward a celebrate the Oreo fiftieth and one of the adventures he did was he flew a hawker hundred under tower bridge now for all of those Americans. And you know, who you are who think that bridge is London bridge. That's not that is tower bridge. London bridge is further upstream and is much less exciting. And if you really wanna look at it, you should go see the brick by brick restoration in Arizona. But but yes, he he.

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