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More Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike traffic and weather on the age to Jack Taylor and the traffic center. All right, Nick. We activated to this little bit yesterday early early early, where we were dealing with What was open yesterday morning that closed right after six. And now we're dealing with that this morning. So if you're on 3 95 headed north down toward the district, you will be diverted onto the North bound George Washington Park. Quay. No access to the 14th Street Bridge. Also, you will find we may have a little bit of a stack up at the key bridge. It's early. That's one of the few bridges that remains open. You will lose. Obviously this morning. Unfortunately, we're still dealing with our closures along the 14th Street Bridge, the memorial bridge in the Roosevelt Bridge. Now the Anacostia crossings remain open. The Susie Bridge, the 11th and Douglas remain open. Reminder. The 3 95 in the express lanes you will divert towards deeds straight headed toward Pentagon City and a reminder for big trucks. If you're on 3 95 divert early on Washington Boulevard. You're not gonna be allowed on the North Bound George Washington Parkway. There was a little change on Metro this morning yesterday and, well, previously this week we've had 13 Metro stops. Closed inside the security perimeter. The addition was this morning on the blue and yellow line. The Pentagon does station will be closed. Trains will not stop at that station. Marc Train service still suspended on the mark Penn or Excuse me on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines resuming tomorrow morning, Same with V R E. They're planning to resume the s service schedule Plus Fredericksburg Lines 303 of seven on Thursday morning. Now we're in pretty decent shape is you start things out this morning in Virginia, we do have an accident. Farm market road between Alysheba Drive and winning Colors place We had accident activity. The roadway is blocked in Leesburg. The utility work still going on West Market Street remains closed between Loudon and South King streets, and that's scheduled to be out there until about seven o'clock this morning, Jack Taylor w T o p traffic and we've got a cold one this morning for everyone to be outside at the Capitol. Here's Chuck Down Inauguration Day morning is starting out with clouds. A few Sprinkles of rain and, yes, even some snow flurries.

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