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Congestion pricing proposal to help fund subway repairs is already causing debate queens political and civic leaders gathered on the manhattan side of the queensboro bridge yesterday to oppose the plan saying it would hurt working people with few transit options but about twenty public transit advocates also showed up in support of the governor's plan rebecca bailen is the campaign manager with the riders alliance she says few outer burrow residents actually drive into the city for work we are sick and tired of grandstanding elected officials who are defending wealthy new yorkers instead of working new yorkers state assemblyman david weapon and queens city councilman barry credentials spoke out in opposition to could congestion pricing brooklyn city councilman brad lander joined transit advocates in support of it and brooklyn has a new district attorney ericans anzahl was sworn in as the boroughs top prosecutor yesterday becoming the first latino d a elected in new york state gonzalez's ran for the office last year after serving as interim district attorney for over a year after the death of his predecessor kenneth thompson he's brooklyn's thirtythird da a look at your weather forecast there is a slight chance of rain today with highs in the high 40s it's forty four degrees now in prospect park brooklyn and that's the latest from the wnyc newsroom i'm should meet the best sue discipline hortatory handed donegal's store decision on bush forty five years since roe v wade with the composition supreme court as it stands we still have the five votes that support abortion rights but that could change.

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