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Get the juveniles or their dumb Don't come like that in your spread. Then you light him up like Christmas trees. Oh, yeah, It's too cold. They went they do they go farther south That wife gets well, Yeah, you could play. It's a pain in the rump is hunt is it But don't don't go south to run like probably. That's where the end up Wren Lake. There's another lake a little bit further south. So you guys gonna wait? Don't even go back to our consulted rice fields and just chill out there and then wait, wait when it gets warmer than they'll be willing to come back up now they won't come up here because there's nothing to eat. Rights, all covered with snow. Whoever the snow line is to stay south of the snow. They're pretty smart. These birds they evolution's help us figure it out in the country in a movie about a western, we'll say south of the Picketwire gonna be at the party. Speaking of pretty good, the party in Tampa look phenomenal. Then that boy's all cruise. Tom Brady's human after all, like I didn't Hammered to the biggies. You guys ever remember any of the Boston parades where he was stammering, or I mean, he had to be carried at one point. It's like, Hey, Tom Brady can't have a good time. He's the first one he's ever had, where he's been out on a boat in the Sun. That's a good point. So I think the first one we from Bill Balance Jack who don't want to have any fun at all right? I think that's it all. The guys had a shirt so often every party and yeah, being on a boat. I think that probably e think your cause there might be normally have bundled up in Boston. It's freezing. I mean, does it look nice? Really. They were down there without their shirts on. We should play. The Adam Sandler saw. I'm on a boat I'm on. I'm on that is that that's not Adam Sandler. That's Adam Will Ferrell. And there's two different things to different. Adam Sandler's Got a good one to take a good hard look, I'm on a blinky blanket boat. Nina Penta Santa Maria. That's Will Ferrell and what you got right drinking sangria on. There's a few offensive dimension there that paint with a broad brush. Who's driving the boat, did you guys? Uh, Shut up. Shut up! Prestige Worldwide's seems worldwide waddles figure you said Adam Sandler you're talking about Andy Samberg. Andy Samberg was like, Wait a minute. You're confusing. Andy Samberg. Yeah, That's right. Okay. Did you guys hear this was funny to Chris Godwin had to borrow somebody's phone and make a shout out to Verizon. Listen, Ava rising. I know somebody gonna get this to you. My boys got it. Got my phone in the water. People parade. No, I need a new boat. I didn't okay. Got that morning.

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