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I think it's really year by year each year by year and that's why it's very very tough to do Steven I appreciate the call when it comes to baseball player because in basketball it's pretty obvious with the number one guy on the team this you choose not Jordan Pippin you knew Shaq and Kobe you know and you know by name reputation Dave Robinson was that guy ninety nine the man was best plan team and proceeded to be for all those years in San Antonio bad boys you knew was Isaiah Celtics you knew was bird and McHale was going to be next in line the Lakers magic steam in the eighties yet worthy and you still have a current that's cool hockey this is a very easy exercise I thank baseball football trivia because in football how many times you just gonna throw the quarterback out there yet or the quarterback out there over and over again because it's that glamorous position it's that position that we all identify which started the very few teams in the NFL very few all the years have had their store pointed best player not be quarterback especially in this day and age with quarterback always going to start the you know wealthy had that with the giants true ray Lewis who just match it had that Baltimore would go through the last year twenty twenty five years out of foster quarterbacks intake kick punch up my days to my freedom across the way on the other side you guys were outstanding as always we calls as we move closer and closer to draft day twenty twenty we'll be back same time same place manana Alan Jerry coming up former NGO they're coming up have a safe Monday New York City let's say you just bought a house bad news.

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