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My bag. Yeah, but Kim's was always underneath them. Hey, man, Yeah, buddy hymns was always underneath. And this dude is so funny and it's effortless. He makes haircuts and coffee entertaining that this was the guy that nobody could get along with. This was the guy that could never stick on anybody's team. That's so funny like that time a few weeks back when he schooled up some kid on how to pull him and Expresso shot big face. We teach them young and they're right down. Yeah, Tell him how much you get paid for making his car for this morning. Fine. No, you don't get paid The damn thing so over a big face Coffee baby called free If this for me a man That video's price was literally because as you heard Jimmy drinks for free, If you're making the coffee for me, you're making the coffee for free. Amen. Baby called free. If this for me a man You got to see the video The kid can barely see over the counter. He's working on a top of the line. Expresso machine pulling shots is thinking I'm gonna get paid. I'm going to work. I'm gonna make some money. Again top of the line stuff. This is not some cure egg or part of forgers. It's a legit rig that you see at a coffee shop. Super technical and this kid's like good. This is like my high end lemonade stand. I'm getting paid. Jimmy is there to remind him make the coffee for free? It's for me. Amen. Called Free. If this for me a man Like there's the Lord The Lord's Prayer. And then there is the big face Coffee prayer. Go back to the haircut. And Jimmy Butler is a millionaire. Grip of times over. He's been out of the bubble for a month. He's only now getting around to getting to the chop shop. What took so long, my man? Apparently, he is so loyal to a certain Edward Scissorhands. Because you want to go back to the same guy who clean him up back in February, and not only that he turned down Barber Services in Orlando, where Raj on Rondo's brother had been commissioned to hire six barbers who were drafted by certain NBA players to run the shop at Disney World. Jimmy was not having that. In other words, Jimmy knows what Jimmy likes when it comes to coffee, and when it comes to his lettuce, he ran a business out of his hotel room while simultaneously running his team to the finals. And he's so particular about his coffee and his hair. They brought his own Joe while waiting out his own stylist. Good things come to those who wait and Jimmy's got that good shop and that good cup of Joe because he waits. He waits for what he wanted. Instant gratification be damned. Jimmy is in his own bag, and he's got all sorts of tricks..

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