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Hello welcome to the magic. Mike episode of sleet money goes to the movies season two. I'm feel like salmon of axios. I'm here with emily peck. Hello and we are here with. I'm very excited about this. One the one and only shane pharaoh. Shane hello thanks for having me chain vero for some people listening to this focused. You do need an introduction. So who are you. Well i used to work with both of you. Various publications prior. I wasn't economics journalist at reuters felix and and huffington post with emily that i went to law school and now i'm a public defender in new york city. And you have a great newsletter. Yes i have an newsletter shane Dot com called cruel unusual talks about the mundane but horrific things that happened in the criminal. Legal system. I always learn something when it appears in my inbox. Shane is going to tell the story of when jane and i went to the movies one drunken evening and watch magic. Mike execs which is not the movie. We're gonna be talking about today. What is the movie we are talking about today. They were talking about the first magic mike. Twenty twelve classic about the precarity of being a freelancer in a post. Great recession gig. Economy steven soderbergh's magic mike taken apart in graded by me. Any fact inching very coming up on slate. Money goes to the movies. This episode is brought to you by. Hp instant inc. No one is reading your mind. But hp instant inc knows when you're printers running low and sends new cartridges. Before you run out so you never have to think about inc for details visit hp dot com slash instant inc spotify conditions. Apply magic. Make as i told..

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