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And the guys were taken close to six hours and and i thought the whole locations were pretty severe and yes this is a proam so again you're moving quite a few players around they keep the whole location basically in the same position all three rounds but yes we've got high rate high handicap amador's trying to hit flags tucked in the back corners of greens would ocean front and back henda yeah that's gonna that's going to cause a slowdown and as you say the wind blowing straight out of the north i don't know if i've ever seen it coming in this particular direction and may have shifted throughout the day but generally it's either coming off the ocean or off the air from carmel valley let's say that direction today at valley goes coming straight down from san cisco and and that windows very surprised to see phil mickelson and rory mcelroy teeoff number six with irons and unbelievably yahoo mcelroy hit it in the ocean go over the cliff with an iron i'm at t shot which was really a surprise and and then he's in the bunker and kind of which should across in any way sums up his we exactly right rivage just having a good time with his dad get back to the seventh i think are the pin placement on several i think jim dance alluded to that is that the sunday pin placement for the us open is usually back their suit to put it there on saturday with amador's right that taken a bit of a chance i think yeah and and his scoring average mitch which is as as the listeners may may or may not know you're basically taking a cumulative effect of all the holes adding up it in a day in which the scoring average so par seventy two at table you have monterey peninsula par seventy one and spyglass hill and through the first two rounds pebble was the hardest of the three and i imagine today didn't get any easier with the wind blowing the hard small greens it was it was kind of a weird day in the.

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