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The rain seems to a path was some some rough rains before and bernie sanders is gone bernie sanders is coming to speak on monday now is it monday the day of the eclipse right so bernie sanders chose the day of the eclipse to come speak on monuments circle i don't i'm not quite sure even an even what that means you know the moon's going to blot out the sun bernie is going to blot out capitalism there's there's subtext for sure now i have learned that we here at wsb you see i my name's tony cats hi how are you i we broadcasting from the circle on the circle of four the four the eclipse we're gonna we're gonna see how people are doing we're gonna you know dd have you special glasses you're going to need those everyone's everyone's freaking out about the special glasses who was it i think it was my my program director david would was it a butler university meet let me see if i can find this butler university everyone's freaking out about the glasses for the eclipse because of course if if you don't have the right glasses you will your eyes will burn and you will create a fire within your brain it's totally it's totally messed up and i'll i will give the in these star proper credit people in india losing their minds over the eclipse it's absolutely true allison carter with the story and there's a picture of the line of people add butler university to get the glasses if i told view i'm going to give a conservative estimate i'm going to give a conservative estimate there are three thousand people on this line there are three thousand people on this line i it it it is is crazy it is unbelievable how many people are are looking for the for these glasses and then it's like oh you can't trust them for they come from you know from amazon because you know are there they're not real and some and made them in their garage and you know you might not go blind but you probably get a rash i.

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