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The western Massachusetts town of Sheffield more from WBZ TV's, Christina Rex multiple agencies are investigating the deadly fire, including forensic scientists from the state police crime lab, a firefighter here in Sheffield tells me it's unlike anything he's ever seen in this town Sheffield. Volunteer fire department and a handful of other towns quickly put out this Wednesday morning bleeds. But what was found inside thirteen forty-three home road rattled first responders five people dead some of the victims children, investigators haven't released the names of the people who died, and they call the investigation extensive and complicated on beacon hill. A house panel investigating allegations of inappropriate conduct has determined. No action should be taken against Representative Paul mcmurtry, a fifteen page summary of the investigation did not find evidence that the debt lawmaker made intentional contact with an unnamed female Representative elect Boston's mayor continues making his case for lower speed limit on side streets. Mayor Marty Walsh wants to see it reduced to twenty miles an hour. Next time you driving on saturate look down look down at the speed going. And when you're going twenty miles an hour. It's pretty it's still fast on a side street. And we have a lot more people on the streets. We have a lot more. Pedestrians and kids in the neighborhoods, and and we have people on bikes and different types of transportation modes. They do and we're asking we're trying to slow cars down the mayor on nightside with Dan, Ray city council and legislative approval are still needed in sports exhibition. Baseball the twins over the Red Sox nine to five. Don, huff WBZ. Boston's newsradio. Reeds.

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